Bark Mulch is a layer of organic material on the soil surface. Mulch helps moderate soil temperatures, reduce loss of moisture, suppress weed growth and reduce water run off. Bark Mulch also offers a visual appeal to enhance your yard.



A pure natural hemlock bark mulch with a natural red tint.

Mad Mics Organic Mulch


It's base ingredient is horse bedding (wood shavings) from local horse farms.

Other ingredients included in the product are manure, hay, grain, grasses, leaves, other organic material.  

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Color Enhanced Hemlock


A dyed bark mulch, brighter and more vibrant red color.

Premium Mix


A spruce blended bark mulch, with a nice golden brown color.


Black Bark


A natural decomposed bark mulch that is processed through a fine screen black when wet, dark chocolate brown when dry.


Play Ground Chips

A ground cover to help protect kids if they fall.  Used in play areas.  Soft, clean and does not collect on kids clothes.


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